Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kate Moss escorted by police after apparently becoming disruptive

Kate Moss escorted by Police from a plane in London for disruptive.  Supermodel, Kate Moss, United Kingdom  Police out of the plane in London, United Kingdom on Sunday (7/6/2015) because it is considered annoying, reported the BBC.

Without explaining the details, police say have been escorting out a passenger from a flight of the airline easyJet in London because "passengers was reported to be a disruptive action".

"A number of the officers came
guarding him out of the plane, "a police spokesman said Bedfordshire, United Kingdom,
"No lawsuit over him and he was not arrested."

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A spokesman for easyJet also acknowledged the incident. He said that the passengers and the woman was dragged by policemen from inside the plane that had just landed at Luton Airport, London, after flying from Bodrum, Turkey on Sunday Afternoon.

MOSS (41) is one of the most famous models in the world, with a brilliant career since his teens. He frequently graced the covers of magazines leading European lifestyle, such as Vogue and contracted by such fashion brands Calvin Klein and Chanel. News of Kate Moss escorted by police

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