Monday, June 1, 2015

prediction Score Myanmar vs Ukraine may 2, 2015 U-20 World Cup

Sowgi News -- The match in the U-20 World Cup, will present the exciting match between Myanmar U20 vs Ukraine U20. The match pits two teams will take place in Myanmar's U20 Stadium on 1 June 2015 this week later at 8: 00 pm.
The match this time will take quite fierce, Myanmar U-20 national team which now hosts will perform well. Appearing in public for the Myanmar national team momentum becomes U-20 to demonstrate his prowess, even though the program before they have to swallow the defeat in a match that took place yesterday on 30/5/2015 as a match to the headquarters of the United States.

Previous program, Ukraine U-20 had to be satisfied with the results of the action "draw yesterday. Results of the draw of the game which takes place on 30/5/2015 became the motivation for the U-20 national team of Ukraine to be able to disclose the victory in a match that took place later.

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