Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dies actress Anne Meara, mother of Ben Stiller

The actress and comedian Anne Meara died on Saturday (23) to 85 years. Anne was the mother of actor Ben Stiller and began his career in the years 1960, beside her husband Jerry Stiller. In addition to radio programs of the United States, in the years 1970, she debuted her own TV series, in 1975, named Kate McShane, on the CBS network.
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Anne has also made appearances on other television shows such as Sex and the city and The king of queens (known in Brazil as the King of the Hill). Recently, she and her husband appears in a tv series produced by the Yahoo! portal, called Stiller & Meara.

The family has not reported the cause of death of Anne. In a statement, Jerry said only that she was "wife and companion for the alive". In addition to her husband and son, Meara leaves several grandchildren.

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