Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kate Moss escorted by police after apparently becoming disruptive

Kate Moss escorted by Police from a plane in London for disruptive.  Supermodel, Kate Moss, United Kingdom  Police out of the plane in London, United Kingdom on Sunday (7/6/2015) because it is considered annoying, reported the BBC.

Without explaining the details, police say have been escorting out a passenger from a flight of the airline easyJet in London because "passengers was reported to be a disruptive action".

"A number of the officers came
guarding him out of the plane, "a police spokesman said Bedfordshire, United Kingdom,
"No lawsuit over him and he was not arrested."

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A spokesman for easyJet also acknowledged the incident. He said that the passengers and the woman was dragged by policemen from inside the plane that had just landed at Luton Airport, London, after flying from Bodrum, Turkey on Sunday Afternoon.

MOSS (41) is one of the most famous models in the world, with a brilliant career since his teens. He frequently graced the covers of magazines leading European lifestyle, such as Vogue and contracted by such fashion brands Calvin Klein and Chanel. News of Kate Moss escorted by police

Thursday, June 4, 2015

U.S. Woman Killed Lion Attacked in Lion Park in South Africa

Johannesburg, SOWGI NEWS.TK An American woman tourist was killed attacked a lion in Lion Park outside the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, Monday (1/6/2015) night. A Number of people who witnessed the attack have beenhonked their cars in an attempt to get the attention of people who are in danger of it when the lion approached.
According to sources close to the investigation, who did not want to mentioned credentials, on Tuesday, a day after a woman was killed.
CNN reported, the victim has been identified as Katherine Chappell (29 years) of Rye, New York.
The victims were taking photos and the possibility of not seeing a lion
approaching from the side, the source said. The woman was the passenger of a vehicle and with a tour operator when the Lions attacked.
The operator was injured while trying to fight off the beast, but he is expected to survive, said Scott Simpson, Assistant Operations Manager at the Lion Park.
Lion Park party says, a number of witnesses have confirmed that the passenger window and the driver of a vehicle's condition in the open at the time of the incident. The lion stops about one meter from the vehicle as she was constantly taking photos, said a statement of Lion Park. The lion car crashing, and then biting the woman through an open window.
The staff of the Camp tried to dislodge the lion, said the statement. An ambulance arrived within minutes when the staff give first aid. However, Chappell died at the scene.

Simpson said, the lion will be moved, while the party children's investigations. However, the lion will not be killed.

According to a statement of the grounds, Lion Park has experienced that kind of incident before, all because of an open window. "It (the open window) completely banned on the grounds us," said Simpson. "There are many signs, and we hand out a sheet of paper that warned guests to always close their window."

Warning for guests to keep their Windows closed always found on the seat of the vehicle that killed a woman, said sources close to the investigation.

Lion Park, a Wildlife Centre in the province of Gauteng, South Africa offers a wide range of animals, including a lion, zebra, giraffe, and wild dogs.

"It is sad that lives had to be lost in this way," a resounding statement of Lion Park. "The visitors of South Africa should remember that the predator was dangerous and the rules are there for their own safety. If all the rules are followed, your visit to the Lion Park, national parks, as well as other similar facilities will be safe and offers valuable experience. "

Monday, June 1, 2015

prediction Score Myanmar vs Ukraine may 2, 2015 U-20 World Cup

Sowgi News -- The match in the U-20 World Cup, will present the exciting match between Myanmar U20 vs Ukraine U20. The match pits two teams will take place in Myanmar's U20 Stadium on 1 June 2015 this week later at 8: 00 pm.
The match this time will take quite fierce, Myanmar U-20 national team which now hosts will perform well. Appearing in public for the Myanmar national team momentum becomes U-20 to demonstrate his prowess, even though the program before they have to swallow the defeat in a match that took place yesterday on 30/5/2015 as a match to the headquarters of the United States.

Previous program, Ukraine U-20 had to be satisfied with the results of the action "draw yesterday. Results of the draw of the game which takes place on 30/5/2015 became the motivation for the U-20 national team of Ukraine to be able to disclose the victory in a match that took place later.

U-20 world CUP: Asian Deputy Loses again, Mervo & Mukhtar Hattrick

Sowgi NEws -- two asian representatives in a World Cup U-20 2015 in New Zealand loses again. After Myanmar in Group A and Group B defeat in Qatar, Uzbekistan and North Korea's turn also subject of his opponents.
In Group E, which lost to North Korea with a score of 1-5 of European representative Hungary marked with hattrick striker Bence Mervo. Meanwhile in Group F Uzbekistan defeated Eintracht Frankfurt 3-4 from Honduras.

Meanwhile in the other group F match Germany swallow Fiji Oceania representatives very badly by a score of 8-1 marked with hattrick Harry Mukhtar, Bundesliga club Hertha Berlin player.

In that game, Germany were leading 6-0 when down and choose to loosen the pressure throughout the second half.

While in the other group E matches one of the favourite team Brazil beat Nigeria Africa with a score of 4-2 after Villareal 1-2.

The following results and schedule matches group phase of the U-20 World Cup Edition in 2015 (in GMT):


Saturday, May 30:

New Zealand 0 vs Ukraine 0

U.S. 2 vs Myanmar 1

Tuesday, June 2:

08: 00 Myanmar vs. Ukraine

14: 00 UNITED STATES vs. New Zealand

Friday, June 5:

14: 00 Myanmar vs. New Zealand

14: 00 Ukraine vs. USA


Saturday, May 30:

Argentina 2 vs. Panama 2

Ghana vs 1 Austria 1

Tuesday, June 2:

11: 00 Austria vs Panama

14: 00 Argentina vs Ghana

Friday, June 5:

11: 00 Austria vs Argentina

11: 00 am Ghana vs. Panama


Sunday, May 31:

Qatar 0 1 Colombia vs.

Portugal vs. 3 Senegal 0

Wednesday, June 3:

11: 00 Qatar vs. Portugal

14: 00 Senegal vs Colombia

Saturday, June 6:

08: 00 Portugal vs Colombia

08: 00 pm Senegal vs Qatar


Sunday, May 31:

Mexico 0 vs. Mali 2

Uruguay vs 1 Serbia 0

Wednesday, June 3:

11: 00 pm Mexico vs Uruguay

14: 00 Serbia vs Mali

Saturday, June 6:

11: 00 Serbia vs Mexico

11: 00 am Mali vs Uruguay


Monday, June 1:

Nigeria vs. Brazil 4 2

North Korea vs. Hungary 5 1

Thursday, June 4:

11: 00 a.m. Nigeria vs. North Korea

14: 00 Brazil vs. Hungary

Sunday, June 7:

12: 00 pm Brazil vs North Korea

12: 00 pm Hungary vs. Nigeria


Monday, June 1:

Germany vs 8 Fiji 1

3 vs. Uzbekistan Honduras 4

Thursday, June 4:

11: 00 am Honduras vs Fiji

14: 00 Germany vs Uzbekistan

Sunday, June 7:

09: 00 Germany vs Honduras

09: 00 Fiji vs. Uzbekistan.