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Ben Stiller, Comedian With Obsession Director

Ben Stiller, Comedian With Obsession Director

Sowgi Neews -seemed to have a complete dream Benjamin Edward Stiller who is better known by the name of Ben Stiller. He has become a famous actor, producer, and now he's also managed to become a Director. Moreover, the film is directed can shake the American box office.

Ben Stiller was born on November 30, 1965. The blood artists handed down by his father and his mother who is a veteran actor and comedian Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. His childhood is not always traveled by other kids. "It looks like this is the way to grow a business show. Many travel to here and there, often times going home at night, it is not a thing that you call the traditional, "Stiller said in an interview.

Early Career

After completing his studies at the Calhoun School in 1983, Stiller went into the film department at the University of California and follow the fraternity Beta Theta Pi. After nine months, Stiller left school and returned to New York. She spent her time in acting classes, auditions, and find an agent.

Then Stiller gets a role in the Broadway drama entitled "THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES with John Mahoney. When the drama was performed, Stiller makes a burlesque documentary film actors primarily Mahoney.

His comic work was well received by the players so he's back making 10-minute short film entitled "THE HUSTLER OF MONEY, which is a parody of Martin Scorsese's film, THE COLOR OF MONEY.

Comedian Career

In 1998, Stiller put aside ambitions Director for starred in there's SOMETHING ABOUT MARY alongside Cameron Diaz. The film's meroketkan Stiller's career. In the same year, she also starred in several dramas including ZERO EFFECT, YOUR FRIEND AND NEIGHBORS, and PERMANENT MIDNIGHT.

In 1999 it seems not an auspicious year for Stiller as the movie, MISTERY MEN, jeblok in the market. And they produced a TV series also failed.

The following year more friendly with Stiller where she starred in four films that toss his name again, including MEET THE PARENTS. Here you met her acting with Robert De Niro.

In subsequent years, the beristrikan Christine Taylor Stiller is starring in movies such as ZOOLANDER, DUPLEX, ORANGE COUNTY, STARSKY HUTCH &, ALONG CAME POLLY, and MEET THE FOCKERS.

Obstructed Protest

The latest film directed by and starring Stiller, TROPIC THUNDER, is indeed being reaped success in the box office. But it turns out not only reaped success. The comedy film the war is also reaping a protest from a group of representatives of people with disabilities.

According to them, this movie will bring harm to teenagers because of the word ' retarded ' could be considered ordinary words pronounced for disabled people.

Actually not just this time just film Stiller threatened the boycotted. The film ZOOLANDER, who also directed and played it through in Malaysia is prohibited. The film features cameos from many celebrities including Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, and Lenny Kravitz is forbidden there because there is a scene which shows Malaysia Prime Minister's assassination attempt.

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Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler

But beyond that, TROPIC THUNDER which are on the top of the American box office looks like it will continue to be stretched. We see just what this movie can get into the ranks of the highest grossing film of all time following the footsteps of THE DARK KNIGHT and the TITANIC. (kpl/npy)

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