Sunday, May 24, 2015

As A Result Of Their Honesty, Female Scavenger So Ads Star

SAO PAULO, Sowgi News — Honesty always will bear fruit goodness. That's the experienced Ana dos Santos Cruz (23), a scavenger in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ana working 10 hours per day, digging out the garbage in the region Barretos, Brazil. This should be done the grunt work of Ana because she has to take care of his new three-year-old alone.

Ana is forced to be a scavenger after her husband, Mauricio, had been in jail for his role in smuggling narcotics. From his work as a scavenger, Ana took home the money less than $ 50,000 per day.

One day, the Ana, to cultivate a new profession as a scavenger for four months, found an envelope in a plastic bag when he was working.

When he opened the envelope, how surprise Ana because she found a cheque worth 52,000 pounds or more than Rp 1 billion, which is supposed to be donated to the cancer HOSPITAL of Barretos.

Ana then stores the check it, and the next day go to RS Barretis Cancer to give the check finds to the Director of the hospital. Somehow, the Ana's widespread honesty and sound media and then publish the honesty of the scavenger this gorgeous.

"Since discovering that check, I really never thought to have it. The hospital patients need it more than me, "said Ana to preachers a news program on local television.

Action shooter Ana make a shopping mall invited him to be the star of the supermarket ads on television or in the outdoor advertising media.

In the ad, which will be launched this week, Ana perform with a male model for advertising a shopping center North Shopping ahead of Brazil on 12 Valentine's day next June.

Not only that, the news websites G1, Ana said that several bids to become a model and star of the ads also arriving from a number of local agencies.

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"It's like a dream come true. When viewing my photos in the streets, my son told me that I was beautiful and he was pleased to see my photos, "says Ana.

"I used to be not nobody. However, now that there are already people are asking for my autograph, and many who want to chat with me on Facebook, "added he.

For Ana and her son, honesty is definitely give fruit in the form of a much better life.

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