Sunday, May 24, 2015

Accused of Killing Were Carpenters, teenage girls are burnt Mass in Guatemala

Guatemala CITY, who Acts very brutal case in Guatemala, Central America which resulted in a 16-year-old girl died after being attacked and burned alive.

Based on a number of reports of an unknown girl credentials were accused of getting involved in the killing of a carpenters Carlos Enrique Gonzalez Noriega (68) before the girl and her friend prianya poor guy robbing it.

After committing criminal actions in the village of Rio Bravo, 123 kilometres west of the capital of Guatemala City, the two men along with the teenage girls escape through the narrow alleys of the village.

But damn, the girl took the wrong way and then an angry mob besieged. Merciless mob dragging the girl, beat him until his battered and sprawl on the ground.

In the middle of the helpless, the mass which the girl watering beringas with gasoline and set it on fire. In video footage taken of the girl screaming in pain look while the masses are mengerumuninya just saw and cheering.

Teenage girl finally died without had helped. A number of police officers who tried to help the girl hindered the citizens so that they could not do anything.

The video lasted 38 seconds running amok masses that were uploaded to the YouTube site and was watched by hundreds of thousands of people before it was deleted. Site news Tiempo preach the police decided not to publish the girl's identity for fear it will trigger further tensions in the region.

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