Saturday, May 30, 2015

International Youth U20 World Cup Soccer Results United States win, Argentina draw

International Youth U20 World Cup Soccer Results REVIEW of the U-20 World Cup: United States win, Argentina draw. New Zealand U-20 0-0 Ukraine U-20. New Zealand only played out a goalless match in Ukraine counter inaugural Group A U20 World Cup which takes place at North Harbour Stadium, Saturday (30/5). U20 World Cup result Ukraine started the first round with a game to attack. Recorded, two excellent opportunities can be launched, particularly on 13 minutes and 15. The first chance was able to blocked, while the second opportunity was able to secured the opponent goalkeeper. World Cup Soccer Results

In the second half, the game was still the dominant Ukraine. At the minute 67, an opportunity could be blocked. Two minutes later, through the execution of a free-kick, the ball just bounced over the crossbar. International Youth U20 World Cup Soccer Results. 11-minute lobbed back over, they got a very good chance. Alas, New Zealand were able to rescue a good goalie.

New Zealand got a chance to break the deadlock at 85 minutes, but now turn the Ukraine goalkeeper who did salvation with banish Spurn opponents.

Until the game ended, both teams were unable to score a goal and had to settle for second in the standings and is third in the group with one point scoring.

U-20 United States 2-1 Myanmar U-20

United States able to grab a 2-1 victory over Myanmar in Group A prime match which took place at the Northland Event Centre.

Yan Naing OO of Myanmar brings superior first in the ninth minute after take advantage of opportunities through the corner. International Youth U20 World Cup Soccer Results Advantage didn't last long because in the 17th minute, Maki Tall equalize, also by making use of corners.

In the second half, to be exact in the 56th minute, Emerson Hydman ensure victory for his team. With this victory, the us temporarily took the lead in Group A with three points, scoring. Meanwhile, Myanmar must be in the lowest position with 0 points.

Argentina U-20 2-2 Panama U-20

Just play Argentina drew 2-2 in the inaugural match of Panama counterinsurgency Group B which took place at Wellington Regional Stadium.

Angel Correa brought in Argentina on the 14th minute through a free kick situation. Five minutes later, Jhamal Rodriguez equalize for Panama.

Correa brought Argentina back excelled in the second half, to be exact in the 79th minute after he was able to utilize the corner of bait. However, five minutes later, Panama again able to equalize through gol Fidel escobar forcing the match ended goalless draw equally strong.

With the results of this draw, both teams were equally collected one points. International Youth U20 World Cup Soccer Results

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