Saturday, May 30, 2015

FIFA Corruption Revealed, U-20 World Cup Still Held

Sowgi News U-20 World Cup New Zealand -a total of 10 officials, including FIFA Vice President Jeffrey Webb and former Vice President Jack Warner, was arrested by the FBI. They allegedly involved a number of corruption cases that happened in the Football Federation's highs.

The disclosure of the scandal in FIFA that will not affect the 2003 U-20 World Cup. The tournament was intended to be held in New Zealand this weekend.

New Zealand Chief Executive Andy Martin confirmed the 2003 U-20 World Cup will still be held as planned. Even been prepared since four years ago.

"(We) stay focused on the 2003 FIFA World Cup U-20, began Saturday," says Martin as reported by the AFP. "We do not anticipate these events (FIFA corruption) will have an impact on the tournament."

"The match Venue, the staff and volunteers have been working hard and is ready to roll out the biggest football event ever seen in this country."

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