Monday, May 25, 2015

Scavenger Pretty Return Checks one billion It finds. Now he's become an advertising Model

The FATE of the Ana dos Santos Cruz (23) an instant change. Ana who daily become scavenger, sorting trash, now an advertising model ... ... ... ....

Ana is forced to be a scavenger. A beautiful young mother was involved with its activities it about 10 hours a day at the landfill in Barretos, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He melakoni this activity because there are no other options. Her husband was imprisoned for drug cases.

And one day, in the ' workplace ' it was Ana who becomes a single parent for her son is 3 years old, found a piece of a cheque in the envelope in a plastic bag.

Reported by the Mirror, check was worth 52,000 pounds sterling (about USD 1 billion) aimed at the Cancer Hospital of Barretos. For some reason, perhaps because a small error, check it's wasted.

The next day, Ana went to the hospital, which is not far from where he memulung.

Ana directly handed over the cheque to the Director of the HOSPITAL. All who know the direct action and honesty was struck by Ana.

"I never thought to keep a check on that. Patients in the hospital is certainly more needs than I do, "said Ana when interviewed a local tv.

This news was quickly dispersed, in print, electronic and internet. A large shopping centre was finally invited and asked for their adverts in Ana tv and on billboards in the city.

"It's a dream come true. My son says, I look gorgeous and love to see a picture of me on the road. It's clear, it's that I want to do in my life, "said Ana

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