Monday, May 25, 2015

See this woman, hanging out in the Park, to find a soul mate and rich Ruler

See this woman, hanging out in the Park, to find a soul mate and rich Ruler

SU Jingjing, 30, a woman from Hubei, China, including those that have stock of the abundant confidence, in looking for a soul mate.

He is not tired of looking for the perfect future husband and announced the criteria in order on the grounds Of couples in Shanghai.

Here's the thing about translation jobs husband who she pointed out in the crowd of financial and business center in China that.

"I was born in February 1985 in Hubei province. I graduate. Both of my parents came from the village of Bingcun. The purpose of my life is the pursuit of excellence. Love reading, writing, listening to music, and exercising. I was also able to operate a computer for bisnisku.

Standard for pasanganku candidates are: She must live in downtown Shanghai. He had to be born on 1980, 1981 or 1982. He must not eyeglasses. He must be of good character. She must have high above 170 cm. He must be a single child of successful businesspeople or Government officials. "

Su stressed it will never lose her standard plug. "I've actually reluctant to live in Shanghai. But, I'm looking for a guy with a lot of money, power, virtue, look good, and from families of Shanghai, "said Su told reporters.

Su, who is then?

Su is a country girl who left his birthplace since age 18. He arrived in Shanghai in 2008. At the age of 25, she claimed started getting a lot of pressure to be married. He now lives in tenement 4 x 4 meter in a northern corner of Shanghai South Railway Station. He is the street vendors there.

"If he (prospective husbands) is a businessman or Government official, I would have encouraged him to move to Hong Kong. Then, we could break our business together! " (Shanghaiist/c10/sof)

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