Sunday, May 24, 2015

U.S. boy Achieves 3rd Degree at the age of 11 years

Sacramento,  Sowgi News -incredible. There are no other words that can be pinned to Tanishq Abraham (11), who became the youngest scholar who graduated from American River College in Sacramento.

Amazingly, Tanishq not only graduated with a Bachelor's degree. This boy buy up three titles at once, namely from the Faculty of mathematics, science and foreign languages.

On Thursday (21/5/2015), along with 1,800 students graduated from Tanishq others. Some believe Tanisq is the youngest person to graduate from a University in the United States.

"I feel happy to be graduated with three degrees," said the television station KXTV Tanishq while adding that his achievements is not too special.

Not this time just Tanishq concern. Last year, he also became the fruit of the lips after graduated high school when 10 years old. Television station KCRA reported Tanishq undergo model home schooling after she was bored through the regular school system.

"We assume he (Tanishq) is the youngest University graduates throughout the history of this school," said Scott Crow, a spokesman for American River College to NBC Bay Area.

"However, we do not have a complete archive to actually confirm this assumption. But it is clear this year he was the youngest, "continued Crow.

Although he has won three titles, Tanishq appears to have not been satisfied. This summer the boy already plan to continue studies by taking the courses Calculus II.

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