Sunday, May 24, 2015

Queen of Jordan Bring Muslims Together Against ISIS

Amman, Sowgi News -- Queen Rania of Jordan, Tuesday (23/5/2015), called for Muslims around the world against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria which he wished to destroy human civilization.

Queen Rania (44), one of the most influential women in the Arab world, conveying the cry at the moment ISIS threatened to destroy the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria, which is a world heritage site UNESCO has been assigned.

"ISIS has invaded the human civilization. This is the latest crime committed ISIS and similar groups, "said the Queen.

"Palmyra is one of the greatest treasures of the region and the world. Conditions there show that we are facing a global threat, not only against the Arabs and Muslims, but also against the entire world civilization, "continued Rania.

UNESCO had previously said that the destruction of buildings and artifacts of ancient Palmyra will be a great loss for humanity. Even a number of world leaders, including French President Francois Hollande, has called for immediate action to rescue the Palmyra.

"I strongly agree with that (French President an appeal)," said Queen Rania while attending the World Economic Forum in the resort town on the shores of the dead sea Sweimeh.

"We are the keepers of such relics. And we cannot stay silent while many cultural artifacts were destroyed, "he continued.

"This situation is very sad, as is happening in Iraq. Palmyra is the inheritance of the world and humanity. We all have a responsibility to take care of her, "Rania asserted.

More Queen Rania said the war against the Muslim-led and ISIS and the Arab nation, of course with the support of the international community.

He asserted that the message of peace and reconciliation backed Muslims thus manipulated ISIS with pemubunuhan and other terror actions. So, go Rania, is very important for the world to fight ISIS propaganda through various means including through cyberspace.

"The biggest Irony is ISIS using modern technologies like social media to spread the brutalnya actions," said Rania.

ISIS currently has control of Palmyra, an ancient city which was about 2,000 years. With control of Palmyra, ISIS now occupy half of the entire territory of Syria.

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