Monday, May 25, 2015

Heat wave Actions India, 430 people were killed

Heat wave Actions India, 430 people were killed

Hyderabad, Heat wave Actions India, 430 people were killed-more than 430 people were killed in two States of India as a result of the heat wave which resulted in temperatures in the two regions it reaches 50 degrees Celsius. So local officials described Monday (25/5/2015).

Officials estimate the number of victims continues to grow, while the number of victims of information still being gathered from some of their wilah negar Telangana are hardest hit this heat wave.

Large parts of India, including the capital New Delhi, during the last few days attacked heat wave which is feared will trigger a breakdown in the flow of electricity.

The highest temperatures occur in the State of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The State Government of Andhra Pradesh urged the workers not to work too long in hot air after last week's 246 State residents died of heat wave.

Heat wave Actions India, 430 people were killed "Most of the victims killed are those who are exposed to direct sunlight and an average age of 50 years and comes from the working class," said Tulsi Rani P, Commissioner of the Department of disaster management in Andhra Pradesh.

Rani added, even though the death toll has reportedly fallen since Monday last week, but the number of casualties peaked at the weekend when the heat reaches its peak.

"We're asking citizens to do early prevention using umbrellas, hats, drink lots of water and milk as well as use cotton clothes," added Rani.

Since the middle of last week 188 people killed in Telangana, though this number is yet to be ascertained and appears to still be growing. As an official of the disaster relief Department of the Telangana, D Vani.

A number of fatalities also reported falls in Rajashtan State within a few days later, including a woman who fainted and fell on the edge of the city of Bundi, as rumored news agency UPI.

In the city of Calcutta, the taxi drivers urged drivers to not being on the streets between the hours of 11.00 until 16.00 because the heat was too intense.

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