Monday, May 25, 2015

Poorer victims, Thieves Apologize and hug her

Poorer victims, Thieves Apologize and hug her
Sowgi NEws Antwerp-students who do not have money, Levi de Boeck, 23, confessed to an armed robber and his followers adopted the robbers felt pity him. The robber because he was feeling sorry for Levi poorer than the robbers. "Sorry, fella, you're worse than me," said the robbers.
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Initially, Levi ditodong gun by robbers. The robbers seized the phone and wallet Levi. After that, the robbers forced Levi to the ATM, the ATM in front; the robber asked Levi withdraw money 200 pounds sterling, or about $ 4 million. But it turns out the money in the account is insufficient to Levi.

Levi then was told to go to three other ATMS in Antwerp, Belgium. In one of the ATM, the three robbers tried directly using the ATM card of Levi to take money that is in it. But that effort was rejected because all the money in the account of Levi is not enough.

Because it failed to rob the robbers buy Levi, smoking with Levi cash card. After a momentary pause, the robber turned to Levi. Levi was adopted. The robbers apologized to him.

The robbers even restore mobile phone and purse Levi before escaping. Police are now hunting the robbers middle. Police suspect the man was never done earlier robbery.

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