Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This woman Treat her baby like a dog

Manila, Sowgi News .com a woman in the Philippines security officials hunted after uploading photos of the bad treatment of his son who was still a baby.

In the photos are uploaded to Facebook, the social media look a baby tied at the neck, crawling, and eating a food that looks like dog food from a bowl.

Horrifying photos uploaded to Facebook by the mother of the baby and immediately invited the ire of the Philippines and triggers the security apparatus to hunt down the woman.

By using the location data are also uploaded to social media, the police within 24 hours already found the woman and bring that poor boy into shelter.

Currently, the boy was cared for at facilities belonging to the Ministry of social welfare and development (DSWD), while psychiatric experts examining the condition of the mother.

Head of DWSD in the province of Bataan, Philippines, Marilyn Tigas, says, the pictures were taken when the boy and his cousin Middle mimicked the behavior of animals.

Marilyn says, she uploaded the photos only for joking, but it seems that the Government does not believe that recognition.

"If it is a joke, it was a very bad joke. The boy does not know if her mother was being facetious, "said social welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman.

"Nobody has the right to treat a child like a toy. Anyone doing such a thing punishment according to the laws that apply, "said Soliman.

Since checked security apparatus, the woman was already deleted his Facebook account. However, the photos of her son's many spreading hatred and invite a lot of circles.

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