Sunday, May 24, 2015

ISIS Claim Could Buy a nuclear weapon within one year

Baghdad, Iraq-Islamic Countries Sowgi News and Syria (ISIS) through the magazine issue that organizations claiming Dabiq was able to buy his first nuclear weapons from Pakistan within one year.

In a recent article in the magazine it said ISIS grew so quickly that now have been able to buy a gun with a very expensive price.

Through the article titled "the perfect Storm" which appears to be written by the journalist United Kingdom currently held hostage of ISIS, John Cantlie, the organization that claims to have millions of dollars of cash in the bank.

The money will be used to buy a nuclear bomb from the merchants of weapons which have a relationship with Pakistan's corrupt officials. The article also mentions that the weapons that can easily be smuggled into North America by land or by using boats.

"Such a Scenario is still very far from reality but it is very worrying to Western intelligence and likely occurs when it is larger than a year ago," still said that article.

The article was added, if ISIS could not buy nuclear weapons then the money that is still more than enough to buy tons and tons of explosives. The article was then topped off with a warning about the intentions of ISIS took control of Western countries.

"Now the Islamic State had already crossed the border of a forest fire uncontrollable. So it's only a matter of time before the Islamic State reached the Western world, "the article said.

However, the Director of Security and intelligence Studies Center of the University of Buckingham, Anthony Glees is confident Pakistan will not be so rash menjal its nuclear weapons to ISIS.

"If that is the case then Pakistan is tantamount to committing suicide. The same is true for ISIS, because once they have a nuclear weapon then it will trigger an immediate military intervention, "Glees said.

However, it does not cover the possibility of Glees ISIS seeking nuclear weapons from other parties so that Western intelligence is going to be a high level of vigilance to prevent it.

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