Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Crowded with 1 million Bees, Chinese Men Break world record

Beijing, Sowgi News.com a beekeeper origin China answer himself crowded with a million bees to break a world record.

GAO Bingguo, origin of Tai'an, Shandong province, China, had to withstand the pain for the action taken on earlier this week. Because, he is stung by a bee at least 2,000 times.

However, males 55-year fan of extreme action that says, the pain endured comparable because she managed to break the record "crowded with human beings most bees in the world".

GAO is very popular among the beekeeper. This guy already has many other titles, such as "the Beekeeper's number one" or "the King Bees from Taishan". So news from the people's Daily news sites.

More than 20 people come and watch the beekeeper Gao action held in Daiyue district. The beekeeper brings 30 hives full of bees.

Gao, who has been keeping bees for 35 years, started the action by putting a dozen Queen Bee in her body to attract the attention of other bees.

After three hours of waiting, the body of Gao began swarming bees with only a mouth and a nose that is free from the "invasion" of bees. So even he had Gao santainya smokes when his body is still full of bees.

A total of nearly 1.1 million bees with overall weight 109 kilograms swarmed Gao. The previous record records the entire bee has weight 85,5 kilograms.

After a few minutes enveloped in "Bee jacket" body temperature, Gao rose to 60 degrees celsius, which of course is very dangerous. However, the Gao looks cheerful because of the success it is.

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