Monday, May 25, 2015

Ancelotti Was Officially Fired!

President of Real Madrid, Juventus has announced the dismissal of Carlo Ancelotti. Rumors about the sacking of Ancelotti it's been talked about since the Madrid lost to Juventus in the Champions League semifinals.

Madrid's defeat ensures they won't get a major trophy this season. Ending the season without a major championship title, Ancelotti's job was taken forcibly.

In a press conference, Perez announced that the contract had been terminated earlier Pick. Perez was also thanking Pick over all that he has done during the handling of Madrid.

Ancelotti comes to Madrid, inherited the crockery was broken up after the player left Jose Mourinho. In his first season, Ancelotti's success offered a Champions League title and the Copa del Rey.

But the second season ended badly and Ancelotti was fired. The dismissal was contrary to the wishes of his own as well as Ancelotti hopes of many influential players in Real Madrid's internal.

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