Sunday, May 24, 2015

Through Referendums, Citizens Of Ireland Endorses Gay Marriage

Dublin, Sowgi News — the gay couple Ireland cornucopia on the streets of Central Dublin, Saturday (23/5/2015), to celebrate the new history after the majority of the people of Ireland voted to support the legalization of same-sex marriage in the country.

The rainbow-colored flag was seen flying amongst the thousands of citizens, while in some corners look interlinked residents embraced and wept the day on Court Dublin celebrates victory in the referendum.

"The number of people who came to vote in the referendum is already a emotional thing for us," said Fred Schelbaum (48)-standing alongside her partner Feargal Scott (43).

"Until now many gays feel citizens of Ireland could accept their existence. But now we know that we get more than just tolerance, "said Fred who is intent on marrying Feargal.

Earlier, state broadcasters RTE already predicts that most of the residents of Ireland will give you the option of "Yes" to gay marriage. Even a Government Minister Kevin Humphreys calls the difference in sound between "Yes" and "no" by two to one.

Gay marriage is supported by all political parties, supported a variety of major corporations and didoring celebrities. All hope this piliihan will mark the transformation of Ireland which have long been regarded as one of the most conservative country in Western Europe.

Dilegalkannya gay pernihakan would be a big change for Ireland, where the influence of the Catholic Church is still very large. Until 1993, that country abortion and homosexuality mengkriminalkan still banned unless the life of the mother is truly threatened.

The Catholic Church of Ireland is actually also try hard "no" option of the campaign against gay marriage, but this invitation only got the support of the citizens and residents of the rural elderly.

With this result, then Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage through a referendum. Before Slovenia and Croatia also held a similar referendum but failed to legalize same-sex marriage that sex.

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